(1) Mustermann,Erika (2000) - Doe,John (2100) [C59]
Replay test Sioux falls (1.1), 13.07.2012

1.e4! e5? [1...c5 ; 1...c6 ; 1...e6 ] 2.Sf3!? Sc6?! 3.Lc4!! Sf6?? 4.Sg5(.) d5[] 5.exd5+- Erika is an expert of this well known position. 5...Sa5+/- 6.Lb5++/= c6= 7.dxc6~~ bxc6 8.Le2-> h6 9.Sf3|^ e4<=> 10.Se5(+) Ld6@ 11.d4N [Another reasonable move is 11.f4 0-0 12.0-0 Dc7 13.Sc3 Lxe5 (13...Lf5 14.a3 Sd5 ) 14.fxe5 and now 14...Dxe5 leads to an interesting position.] RR11...exd3 12.Sxd3 =Dc7 /\13.b3 0-0 14.Lb2 Se4 15.Sc3 Lf5 16.h3 Tad8 17.0-0 Tfe8 18.Lf3 1/2-1/2

(2) Position test

[%tqu "Best move?","","",Ra8#,"",10] 1.Ta8# *

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