Mustermann, Erika - Doe, John



1.e4! e5?

2.Nf3!? Nc6?! 3.Bc4!! Nf6?? 4.Ng5? d5? 5.exd5+- Erika is an expert of this well known position. 5. ... Na5+/- 6.Bb5++= c6=, quiet 7.dxc6~ bxc6=/& 8.Be2→ h6 9.Nf3↑ e4?? 10.Ne5⊕⊕ Bd6?? 11.d4N
[ Another reasonable move is 11.f4 O-O 12.O-O Qc7 13.Nc3 Bxe5 14.fxe5 and now 14. ... Qxe5 leads to an interesting position. ]
11. ... exd3RR 12.Nxd3$143 Qc7R 13.b3? O-O$141 14.Bb2 Ne4 15.Nc3 Bf5 16.h3 Rad8 17.O-O Rfe8 18.Bf3 Test für Sonderzeichen wie Umlaute (äÄ) und scharfes ß

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