The apalike-german package: an author year style for BibTeΧ



I made apalike-german.bst because I was forced to use plain old BibTeΧ in conjunction with apalike.bst but I needed German localization. It is simply a copy of the original file. My editions concern the following:

  • Inserted words were translated to German.
  • Puryifing of label numbers is removed. Thus, dots in the label year shall not be removed.
  • Capitalization of title words will remain.

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Create the directory {TEXMF}/bibtex/bst/apalike-german, move apalike-german.bst there and update the file name database.

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First let me point out that if you are not forced to use plain BibTeΧ it is much better to rely on the biblatex package, preferably in conjunction with Biber. Thus, you gain much more flexibility for your references. If you took this into account, call \bibliographystyle{apalike-german} as usual after \begin{document}.

In case a numerical year lacks you can use an expression like n.d.:

@MISC{undated-item, ... year = {o.J.}, }

The dots are kept, but only four digits are allowed!

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Clone it from GitHub:

$ git clone

or download it from CTAN:


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