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biblatex-archaeology in its environment Ⅳ: Pandoc 4

biblatex-archaeology in its environment Ⅱ: Zotero and Citavi

I assume that most German archaeologists employ Zotero or Citavi to collect their references. Both are web-based reference managers today, and both are capable to export BibTeΧ files. The main issue is that their database structure is not as in high resolution as BibTeΧ and especially bibLaTeΧ are. Zotero In order to export refrences from Zotero to biblatex-archaeology you should...

biblatex-archaeology in its environment Ⅳ: Pandoc 6

WP Tournament Registration finally released

WP Tournament Registration is my first WordPress plugin to be published in the official WordPress repository. It provides a registration form mainly intended for hobby sport events. Thus it is not planned to provide interfaces to commercial ticketing systems but easy data editing and highly configurable download formats. It was originally developed for the 2020 championship of my local chess...

biblatex-archaeology in its environment Ⅳ: Pandoc 10

Rezension von biblatex-archaeology [v2.2] in den „Archäologischen Informationen“

Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte (DGUF) hat in ihrer Verbandszeitschrift Archäologische Informationen im 51. Jahr ihres Bestehens erstmals eine Softwarerezension abgedruckt. Und man glaubt es kaum, sie betrifft mein biblatex-archaeology Paket. Die Besprechung von Anne Klammt, Forschungsleiterin für digitale Geisteswissenschaften am Deutschen Forum für Kunstgeschichte in Paris, fällt recht wohlwollend aus. Early View bei der DGUF Druckfassung im...