Welcome to Ingram Braun’s personal homepage!

This is the place where I am my own publisher and where I can
publish texts and programs about all my areas of interest. I hold a
Masters Degree (Magister Artium) with two majors in Prehistoric Archaeology and Physical Anthropology. Under the researchmenu item I am going to install some scripts related to demography and
computer simulation and I maintain an area about the history of parlour
games (I have collected a few hundred books on that ranging
chronologically from the ancient Orient to the Baroque). Refer to Academia for publications.

Another issue is programming (Perl, C++, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, XSLT, MySQL, CSS, LaTeΧ).
From a technical point of view this site is far over the top for a
personal homepage but I aim to keep me up to date with the rapidly
developing web technology. If you are interested in the design and
technology please head over to the IBML page. As a bibliophile I was disappointed of most standard web layouts.

Furthermore I am a tournament chess player and licensed arbiter and
trainer with some professional experience in instructing elementary and
secondary school children. The corresponding area contains material
related to competitive chess in contrast to the more academic habits in
the research/parlour-games path.1 I serve as a webmaster and main author of my chess club’s blog. The majority of the items collected in the miscellanea section is somehow connected to my main areas of interest but does not meet them exactly.

If you like to keep track of what is going on here there are three choices: subscribe to my feed or follow me via Twitter or Facebook. If you prefer E-mail notifications, I recommend the free feed-to-mail service on Blogtrottr. Please remark that I am pretty cautious with social media since I do not want to see my private life documented online! My general online strategy is to restrict the corresponding activities to specialist issues, and so is my website.

After prolonged hesitation I dare to provide a comment section. But I
allow for factual comments only! For insults, spam, conspiracy theories
and so on go elsewhere!

If this warning is displayed you have
disabled JavaScript, run a script blocker or use an outdated browser
that cannot compile the embedded scripts. This setting is good enough to
read the texts provided on my page, but a considerable amount of
comfort functions (f. i. Hamburger menu navigation, font resizing,
zooming or chess game viewer) will not be at hand. Please note that my
domain is advertisement-free. All scripts are functionally important.

Latest news:

May 16, 2019

Mal wieder eine Bestimmung eines Schachfigurensatzes im Schachfeld-Forum von mir

keine guten Nachrichten für den Fragesteller: der Spielsatz ist keine
Antiquität; und wegen Beschädigungen ist er auch nichts wert.

April 27, 2019

Abschlußbericht als Betreuer und Delegationsleiter des Bezirks Ⅲ
(Südniedersachsen) bei den Landesjugendmeisterschaften auf Norderney.

April 9, 2019

habe die Chronik des Schachbezirks Ⅲ (Südniedersachsen) von Peter
Werner von 1977 digitalisiert (PDF, 48 MB). Die von 1997 und weitere
Quellen folgen.

Chronik von 1997 vom selben Autor ist schon digitalisiert und wird bald
veröffentlicht. Die zugrundeliegenden Quellen (vor allem Korrespondenzen
des Bezirksvorstandes) sollen, soweit noch vorhanden, ebenfalls
digitalisiert werden.

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1I love footnotes!

Welcome to Ingram Braun's personal homepage! 1

Ingram Braun

Archaeologist, web developer, proofreader


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