– a Perl script for archiving URL sets in the Internet Archive


Introduction lets you collect URLs in a text file and stores them in the Internet Archive. It fetches the documents itself and scraps some metadata in order to generate a link list in HTML that is suitable for posting it to a blog or as Atom feed. Windows users, who lack Perl on their machine, can obtain it as exe-file.

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Perl 5.24 (earlier versions not tested but it is likely to work with every build that is capabale of getting the required modules installed).

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Collect URLs you want to archive in file urls.txt separated by line breaks and UTF-8-encoded and call perl without arguments. The script does to things: it fetches the URLs and extracts some metadata (works with HTML and PDF). It submits them to Internet Archive by opening them in a browser. This is necessary because Internet Archive blocks robots globally. Then it generates a HTML file with a link list that you may post to your blog. Alternatively you can get the link list as Atom feed. Regardless of the format you can upload the file on a server via FTP. Optional parameters available:

-a output as Atom feed instead of HTML -c <creator> name of feed creator (feed only) -d <path> FTP path -f <filename> name of input file if other than `urls.txt` -n <username> FTP user -o <host> FTP host -p <password> FTP password -s Save feed in Wayback machine (feed only) -u <URL> feed URL (feed only)

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  • Debugging messages removed.
  • Archive.Org URL changed.

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  • Internationalized domain names (IDN) allowed in URLs.
  • Blank spaces allowed in URLs.
  • URL list must be in UTF-8 now!
  • Only line breaks allowed as list separator in URL list.

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  • Added workaround for Windows ampersand bug in Browser::Open (ticket on CPAN).

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Copyright © Ingram Braun
GPL 3 or higher.

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or clone it from GitHub:

$ git clone

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