The biblatex-archaeology styles for German cultural anthropology



biblatex-archaeology provides a collection of style files for LaTeΧ’ biblatex bibliography package. It is designed for the use of German researchers into material culture, especially prehistorians and medieval archaeologists. Generally their bibliography styles are more or less variations of the guide lines of the Römisch-Germanische Kommission (RGK), nowithstanding of being verbose or inline styles. I tried to develop generic styles, that cover all the needs and allow for easy generation of local styles. Refer to the enclosed manual document for further details.

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Since biblatex-archaeology is an extension to the well-known biblatex package, first make sure that you have a basic knowledge of the latter. Then read the main part of the biblatex-archaeology manual carefully.

If there are any concerns, use the comment function below on this page, or use the GitHub tracker (see Sources). If it should not be available to the public, you can drop me an e-mail employing the contact form of this site (via menu link).

As a sidenote, my online biblatex editor provides the additional biblatex-archaeology fields.

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Click the links to view an example PDF file for the corresponding style:

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Clone the development sources from GitHub:

$ git clone

or download the distribution files only from CTAN:


Follow the installation instructions in the attached documentation.

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